The 2018 Wypipo Awards


Traditional and historical have to be checked carefully once you go back more than 500 years.

No one in Europe was eating potatoes with their cabbage then.
No Indian dishes with tomato sauce.
Corn was maize.
Peanuts, South America.
Capsicum peppers, Central and South America.

Hm. isn’t “curry” kind of a wypipo label for a huge spectrum of Indian cuisine? (That doesn’t involve that yellow powder.)


Same person.


This week in why the aliens don’t visit. :confused:

(Now the people from the parallel dimension where everything including taste-buds are reversed…no one tell them or we’re doomed.)

[Oh crud, we’re in the Mirror Universe. It all makes sense now! :fearful:]


Aren’t these all from LiartownUSA?


No, just the last two. The rest are ones people made up.



Toilet Brittle and Kentucky Nap Time deserve to live on.


I wasn’t clear, I didn’t notice I was quoting from your post but meant to quote cheem directly. IIRC, you have the two accounts due to a log in problem. :wink:


The only one that I didn’t think was cool was the gin and jam cocktail… Otherwise, some nice stuff on that list.


It wasn’t an accusation, I just used the rest as a chaser for the horror of gin & jam.

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