The 2020 Census is headed for a "train wreck" thanks to Trump's mismanagement

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radicalized? racialized?


I think, in context, it’s the latter.


Well, they both work…


Census data is a huge factor in the work that my organization does, planning and evidence gathering around the need for child care, and child care subsidies. NYU recently did some pretty great research using some of our workforce data, and it would have been impossible to do without census data.

Short of submitting to mandated subscriber fees, I wonder if it’s possible for universities, researchers, city planners, chambers of commerce and other interested parties to temporarily and voluntarily help boost the funds of the census bureau to help get over this hideous orange hump.


Not so much. Cory’s pretty good at paragraphing. In this case, he’s laid out a first sentence that sets up the point by saying what the problem is, and a second sentence that concludes the point by showing the intended solution.



Anyone can be radicalized, and if anyone is currently being radicalized in America, it’s probably by age rather than by race.

However, if the word is racialized (I’m taking this to mean “of diverse race” or “non-white”), then the “suppressing brown peoples’ votes” ties directly back into the idea that it’s the brown/“racialized” people who are the threat to the GOP.

Tying “brown” to “radicalized” instead would be problematic for multiple reasons.


This really is a disaster on so many levels, felt not just for the next 10 years and not just for political reasons. There’s no way to recreate the info. Ask genealogists about the 1890 Census, to get a sense of what is lost.


I believe that is one of the intended outcomes of all this.

Nice state you got there. All pretty and blue. Sure be a shame if not everyone got counted. Why, we could even have to go so far as to reallocate one of your Representatives.


You know, Mr. Pedant, I can remember a time when people settled into their first term before campaigning for the next…


On the one hand, the 2020 census was headed towards the rocks well before Trump’s election. On the other hand, the Republicans have a vested interest in NOT counting the most marginal citizens, that aids them in their gerrymandering program. On the gripping hand, just about any large, program involving custom software comes in late and over budget. With late not an option, we end up a combination of over budget and done less well. To the extant that the Republicans are in charge and they WANT to undercount some people, doing it on the cheap is a way to achieve that goal. It is probably impossible to figure out how much of the dysfunction is normal Washington at work and how much is intentional.


I am just taking upon myself the responsibilities associated with the office.

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o_0 I dunno if we can blame the 2020 census on Trump when odds are he won’t even be president then.


I predict a large upswing in citizens who identify as “Russian-Americans.” Or at least they would if they weren’t working under strict orders to avoid being identified.

You’re that confident about impeachment?

Yeah, but that’s not what the word means… Simply being black or brown isn’t being “racialized.” Being racialized is “the processes of ascribing ethnic or racial identities to a relationship, social practice, or group that did not identify itself as such.” Wiki.

I think @doctorow just means “minority” or “non-white,” both of which are fine terms to use in the context. There’s no need to go to a high-falutin’ academic word and get it wrong.

“What’s more, the changing demographics of America – that is, the increasing numbers of [minorities] who are entitled to vote”


I just don’t see this clown not tripping over his own dick in the next 4 years. I mean, so much has happened in such a short time, Its like when your toilet is clogged. For a little while you can deal with it, maybe if you wait a bit the level will go down and you can try to see if another flush will clear it. But eventually it all goes wrong and there is shit water all over the floor.


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Oh, I have no doubt that America will soon have metaphorical (or, let’s face it, probably literal) shit water all over its floor.

I am just not optimistic that that will be enough.


And if the electronically collected data isn’t protected appropriately, how sure are you that the blue states (like California, which has a lot of skilled high-tech workers) are going to be the ones that lose a representative?

[quote=“From the article”] “The increase proposed in the budget blueprint provides adequate funding for the Census Bureau to support IT system investments to conduct a modernized decennial census in 2020,” said Coalter Baker, a spokesperson for the White House budget office.
Did this estimate originate in the budget office or was it pulled out of somewhere by the current occupant of the Oval Office? IMO the budget office has a little more credibility than the guy who claimed a potentially $21 billion or $66 billion wall would cost $8 to $10 billion and would be paid for by another country.

What happens today affects tomorrow.

But I hope you’re right and that he’s long gone before then,