Trump defeated: 2020 Census will not contain citizenship question

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Well, they can just continue to gerrymander the districts anyway.


whose shitty excuses for the move were dismissed by Chief Justice Roberts as “contrived.”

Roberts essentially told the regime “cheat all you want at elections and pander to your heart’s content to racists, but don’t screw with a government-funded tool used by most major corporations that saves them and their shareholder millions of dollars”.


Good. About damn time this ridiculous farce ended.

how? please explain your claim


Watch them do it anyway.


that’s a pretty good interpretation but i thought what roberts was really saying was, “if you’re going to lie about your motivations don’t make it obvious, fuckwad.”


Businesses rely on federal census data to make lots of decisions. If they had to create their own similar survey of that scale and rigour it would cost them millions each. As important as it is for politicians every couple of years, census data is used every day as free, reliable, open-source intel by corporations.

Roberts will allow GOP politicians to get away with a lot, but in cases where their bigotry and sexism threatens shareholder value he’s always going to rule against them.


I like how we’re dealing with last week’s controversies when he’s made six more since to distract from Mueller.

Dictator-like parade of tanks in washington dc using park funds, F35 flyovers when the planes barely work and can’t even eject safely without killing the pilot.

Oh and the concentration camps. Remember those? Still there.


As for the tweets admitting to his own evil schemes, can you really blame him? He’s gotten this far in life with very little consequences.


Yeah, I do not trust this at all. Every time someone thinks Trump is can’t do something he breaks a norm and does it anyway. It isn’t over until it’s over, and even then I don’t trust them.

Sure, but they cant gerrymander blue states.

The citizenship question would have allowed them to depress the number of representatives (and electoral votes) in blue states, directly increasing the value of red state votes.

This is no small victory. (And if there were one or two more Thomases/Alitos on the bench, it would have gone the other way.)


trump was not defeated, he was deterred on one item. He will be defeated only when he is overwhelmingly voted out of office. In the meantime ridicule appears to be his greatest weakness. The firing of the Canadian cartoonist Michael de Adder tells how much the right wing wants to protect his pathetic ego. Only when he is gone can we begin address the harm he is doing to humanity.


And of course, members of his party are now trying to goad him into willfully defying a court order from the Supreme Court.

But we absolutely should not impeach him, that would be rash and ensure his re-election.


That’s some wildly out-of-date information that wasn’t even right when David Axe first wrote it. They work, they are being used, hundreds have already been built. The one pilot that attempted to eject from a F-35 did so safely, so clearly that’s wrong.

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From outside the US this seems odd, the Australian census counts everyone, Australian residents, applicant refugees, prisoners, tourists, international students - if you don’t count all the people how can you assess for services, infrastructure?


Oh the US census is supposed to count all residents too…But adding that question would encourage non-citizens to not fill out the form. And because congressional districts are drawn based on total population, not merely those eligible to vote, that would decrease representation for areas with many non-citizens. If you step back, one can wonder how well the interests of non-citizens are represented by citizens that happen to live near them. Or the interests of prison inmates are represented by the voters of the communities that they are located in. Certainly the interests of slaves were not at ALL furthered by giving the free persons (including their owners) greater representation in Congress by 3/5ths per head.

Fortunately Trump and the rest of his administration show little* sign of learning how to lie any better.

*well they did manage to eventually come up with a version of the Muslim ban that would pass muster.


Rootless cosmopolitan ones, no doubt!


Yup. And now on to the next ridiculous farce!


Tanks in the streets!