The 3 question math quiz can predict if you believe in God


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5¢, 5 minutes, 47 days


And yet engineers tend to be more religious


[ Insert Catholic joke about thinking 3=1 ]


So…because I loathe math I am a religious zealot? I don’t think that’s how it works.


Gonna need some of them p-values here.


it has been long known in many christian churches and universities that there is a much higher rate of “losing ones faith” among clergy and theologians, precisely because the study and try and understand scriptures and religious texts.

the average “believer” doesn’t question their faith and its teachings the same way so i’m not surprise they don’t question the assumptions they are making about the problems in question.


After completing the quiz, the students were asked about their innate religiosity, religious beliefs, and beliefs in supernatural entities (like God, angels, and Satan).

That might be more meaningful if “natural” were not itself a vague and contentious metaphysical notion. The main reason why such nontroversial debates get any traction in the first place is that so many people can talk for or against a term like “supernatural” as if it were common-sense, without ever establishing what natural is and what super-natural would mean. Yet in everyday conversation people carry on as if it were obvious. Until you ask them for clarification.


You’re welcome.


How so? 1.10 - 1 = .10, no? (I got the same answers as you for the other two.)


Oh so that’s the real reason, athiest are a bunch of cheaters :wink:


What? They’re words. Look 'em up. When you use common words, dictionary rules apply. You do not need to define a word every time you use it.


I quit being a Christian while attending a Christian college when I was 20. I had my doubts before attending, but they offered inadequate answers to questions I hadn’t even thought of and really helped me along into agnosticism.


The baseball bat is $1 more than the ball, not $1. $1.05 is $1 more than $.05 and add up to the total cost of the two items.


yes but if the ball is .10, and the bat is $1 more than that, then the bat is 1.10, making the total 1.20


In matters of metaphysics or ideologies, single words tend to lend themselves to diverse interpretations. Some would readily conflate atheism with nihilism, for example.




the failing students should not be in college


start with:
ball + bat = 1.1
ball + 1 = bat


ball + (ball + 1) = 1.1
ball = 0.05


There is no god


If the ball cost 10 cents, then the bat must cost 100 cents. (90 more than the ball.) The question states that the bat costs 100 cents more than the ball.

bat+ball = 110 (given)
bat-100 = ball (given)
bat+bat-100 = 110
bat+bat = 10
2*bat = 10
bat = 10/2 = 5