Satanic Temple required protesters to pledge their souls to Satan as condition of entry


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Children of Abraham: tell us what you believe atheists believe



Do I have to pledge my soul to anyone/thing before commenting on this post?




Bah, Lucifer is the bringer of light, not the father of lies. God is the father of lies.


no, i’m pretty sure the father of lies is this guy.


Satan & Whiskey, what could go wrong…

That’s the sub-title of my autobiography.


Typical Terms Of Service contract, just way shorter



On one level, it’s a witty way to hack exactly the sort of magical-thinking that’s going to be a defining characteristic of the people who protest TST’s right to have their religious iconography displayed along with all the others on the state-house lawn.

But at another level, it was a purely pragmatic way to respond to actual threats of arson at the least.


When I was texting with Satan the other day, he told me Steve Jobs got him an iphone7, that Satan is a scammer and a half. Then he went on to brag about his MacBook Pro that actually works, that one really hit home, I mean “ouch”.

[note sarcasm & schadenfreude]


In related news, it is final: Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments statue must be removed, state Supreme Court says


I think John Constantine has this covered.


Where can I go to get a 6" to 12" miniature?


But it’s kinda spendy.



Well, fuck. When I became a godparent, we had to renounce satan as part of the overall ceremony/service. Guess that means I can never go see this statue without spontaneously combusting or something.


Pull over now for blue light specials and Faustian bargains!


Clearly these are just weekend Satanists, without any inkling of knowledge of any of the different characters they seem to be tying up into one.
Satan is the devil, Beelzebub is another name for the devil, Abbadon is an angel/demon, Lucifer (mentioned only once, and only in the King James version) refers to Nebuchadnezzar, and the Antichrist was actually Nero. Wrap all of this up in a supposed Templar idol (according to Philip IV) based on a pagan god, Pan, and I have no idea who I’m supposed to be selling my soul to.
A fucking committee?