The Academy - Book 1, Chad Leito


I’ve read this book, and it have to say I’m surprised to find it reviewed on boingboing so positively. It’s not terrible, but it is -very- amateurish seeming. The start reads fine, but whoever did the copy editing and proof reading had clearly given up after the first few chapters. Some of my memorable favourite mistakes included the word “drug” used as the past tense of “drag”, or the author confusing the words “famished” with “ravished”. The fact that the book itself is basically just Harry Potter, but way deadlier for the students, is curious, but at this early point I can forgive it, with the hopes that it’ll be explained later.

It wasn’t so bad I couldn’t finish it, but it would be a heck of a lot better if someone had edited it properly.

First novels by self published folks frequently are not edited to the quality you might hope. That does not stop them from being great. I enjoy this author and am well into his second novel. I caught one or two annoyingly obvious wrong words in Book 1, but not enough to shake my enjoyment at all. Perhaps it has been further edited and I got a later revision.

Regardless, I enjoy reading work by people who want to write a book and self publish it. I love their courage and their creativity. When I like something I review it and hopefully those reviews help the authors write more and improve, because I like reading their work and want to read more.

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Well the cover art is terrible.

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those wings must weight a ton!!!

And no attempt to indicate any structure or musculature that would support them or render them even a little useful.

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Fair points - I absolutely agree that this author has promise, and I think that Chad Leto’s works could be quite worthwhile reads if a publisher capable of editing the books properly picked them up.

That’s my biggest gripe. He apparently has a hidden joint where his heart should be.

And how the heck would they change the shirt or how did they put it on in the first place?

I don’t think those wings fit through those shirt holes.

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