The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: the complete series

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This was my favorite show way back when. Going out on a Friday night didn’t happen till that show was over.


“I never knew how much I missed him until he was gone.”


It was my favorite show also! In those days I was a live-in babysitter for a family who severely limited their kids’ TV time. They got like 3 or 4 hours a week, so picking the right shows was really important. It wasn’t always easy to find something they both liked, but Brisco County Jr was in that sweet spot.

Their parents had Friday night dates, so I was with the kids every Friday evening. We always watched this, and turned off the TV right away because up next was X Files.


I do wonder what 50th Anniversary means here, though…? I Haz a Confuze.


I never saw an episode, but wanted to. Keep hoping these will end up on Netflix or Amazon Prime…


They are on Netflix. I got the discs and enjoyed the whole series a few years ago.

Nice to see that someone other than me or my wife actually remembers this show. Spread the truth of the unearthed foreign object!


Oh, they still do the disc thing?

It says something about how much fun the show was that when Lord Bowler turned out to be an actual English Lord I enjoyed it even more as yet another hilarious plot twist. I remember the local alt-weekly lamenting the show’s cancellation. The reviewer praised Fox for keeping another new show called The X-Files, but said Brisco County Jr. deserved a second season too.


Bruce Campbell’s coming back this fall in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Maybe when that show’s run is over, he can be convinced to reprise this role, as well.


I forgot all about how much I loved that show.


I never got to watch it. It was on when I didn’t watch TV/didn’t have one. LOVE Cambell and R. Lee, so I will have to check it out.

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I can clearly remember the one with the motorbikes… that show was truly wacky.


God, I hope it lives up to the trailer. It looks fantastic. I’ve been showing it to people on my phone every chance I get(well trying to, as I’m usually hopping up and down like an excitable small boy while doing so).

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1:10 - He calls a black man “boy”??

He said that to everyone though.

I’m currently standing right where they filmed this show: the former “Laramie Street” on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank (it’s now “Warner Village” with a bunch of fake tract houses since 2004, which is beyond sad). Also Stage 19, where we shot Clipped this summer, is one of the soundstages they used on Brisco County.

…is the view from out my office window.

Weird how much Hollywood stuff is so transient. Even weirder are the things that linger.

Thank god I don't have to watch the stuff they are making now.

A lot of stuff being produced now (on television even) is wildly better. And I say that as a huge fan.

Brisco was probably one of the best things on television at the time (I watched it years later on DVD), but to really appreciate it you have to remember the dark times it appeared in. The sad fact is that if it had come out now it probably would have been well funded, and allowed to do the things it clearly wanted to, but in the second season they are clearly thrashing about looking for some angle to try and impress the execs (“Let’s add ghosts! Everyone loves ghosts!”).

I’m thrilled to see Campbell in “Burn Notice”: at the very least I get the feeling he’s finally being paid something closer to his value as an actor.

It just wouldn’t be the same without Julius Carry.