Gravity Falls!

I discovered “Gravity Falls” as a tv show at the very end of its first season. Yesterday the final episode of season 2, and as it turns out the show, aired. I would easily rank Gravity Falls as one of my favorite animated shows, right up next to “Rick and Morty”. It has always seemed like a very BoingBoing show to me but I don’t think I have ever seen it mentioned on the BBS before, has anyone else been watching it? Thoughts on the final episode? Or I guess you could just hang out here and uh… you know…


I haven’t seen the final episode yet (shhh) but it is a really great show. After the last time I ran out of new Steven Universe to watch, I was looking for more animated goodness and gave Gravity Falls another try (was kind of Ehhh for me at first) and ended up catching up on the show in record time.

Not at all amused by the fact that it’s almost over (since I haven’t watched the last episode yet … it’s not over :angry: ) because it’s so great.

Friends of mine have described it as “animated X-Files for kids.” Which I don’t really think gives either show enough credit but it’s kind of in the region of describing it. If that’s not enough to hook you in, Kristen Schaal does the voice of Mabel and G.K. Simmons (who also voiced Tenzin in Legend of Korra) voices a major role in season 2.


The first episode I saw was “The Inconveniencing” (the one about the haunted quick-e-mart, with Dipper’s Lamby dance) and I became a fan instantly. Besides being funny, boundary-pushing (for a Disney show, wow, they got away with a lot) and smartly written, every episode was full of tons of secret codes and clues to keep young conspiracy theorists trying to decode its mysteries. And wow, the payoff was worth it.

Disney didn’t exactly support it during its run, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of their most popular shows. And it’s super refreshing to see a show that had a pre-defined beginning and endpoint. It’s one of my favorite cartoons and one of my favorite shows on TV, period.


Kind of a spoiler regarding the final episode, but a very minor one: They actually also “hint”, very heavily mind you, at a gay relationship between two of the characters in the final episode.

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They’ve been hinting about that for nearly as long as those two have been on the show. I was surprised they went as far with it as they had in the final but it was nice to know they hadn’t just been playing the “gay card” for laughs.


As Ignatious says, I was never sure where they were going with that, and hoped it wasn’t just an awkward running gag. That they made it pretty blatant was wonderful.


@nungesser and @Ignatius If I remember correctly there was some story a while back about Disney preventing them from portraying homosexual relationships on the show… almost wonder if this was their final episode middle finger to the corporates at Disney?

P.S. Found a article that mentions it but not THE article, ah well, here it is anyways:

“In 2014, the Disney Channel series Gravity Falls storyboarded an episode with one scene featuring a lesbian couple—but by the episode’s release, the homosexual couple had become heterosexual.”

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To be fair, the sequence that’s from was trimmed quite a bit overall, not just the bit you mention; Alex Hirsch hasn’t commented on why it was cut, but he clearly doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. That’s likely why he’s moving to FOX to do his new show, rather than stay with Disney. He once said on Twitter that the two things he was most frustrated by were not being allowed to show blood and not being able to give Stan a cigar.


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I doubt it’s so much a middle finger as it is an aside to the fans who worried that, yes, this was not a joke and we really do care about gay people. I doubt they had any trouble getting that little aside into the final episode, personally.

Disney is more conservative than CN by far but after Adventure Time, LOK, and SU all pushed that boundary without much consequence (for that particular push anyway), I think the new “conservative” position has actually … potentially … moved. Not much. But some.


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