The All-American Gun Debate - Noah nails it

I’m not regularly watching (i.e., looking at shady malware-slinging streaming pages) the Daily Show, but every time I look at some clips of it on the tubbies lately, Trevor Noah nails it.

His team is pretty awesome, some really good writing. But this between the scenes segment feels like from his heart. It’s not improvised, that’s for sure. It’s too good for that.

I should probably gif the revant part to bring it up every time someone complains that foreigners have an option on “domestic” issues anywhere in the world.



Not sure this will work, but try this link.

Noah brings the humorous insight, frankness and compassion for those he disagrees with that Jon Stewart brought to the job. I honestly can’t think of anyone better to take up that mantle. Even when I don’t agree with Noah, I like hearing what he has to say because he does it with real heart and no hate.


True. Although I would think that people who really don’t agree with him would hate him for his smugness.

(Which, BTW, I really envy. He manages to stay likable even smug. And I had to refrain myself from writing lovable and adorable, but did so now anyway. Not meant condescending in any way I would like to point out. He really looks like I would massively underestimate him in any debate because of his nice smile and smart behaviour. Brilliant.)

That said, most people who would hate him for being smug are probably so far away from being reachable for any change of mind this does not matter at all.

Anyway. I hope he stays sharp as a needle and doesn’t catch the all-American syndrome. :wink:

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Australia? Seriously? Even in Germany, I could watch this!

Tried proxtube on FF? This used to work for me on the desktop.
Beware that this messed up proxy settings of the browser in the past for some people (there’s help for that online, though).

When he was first announced as the new Daily Show anchor, I was a bit cautious because of some things he’d said publicly in the past about atheists. But I chose to see what he could do and I wish I could be as happy with all my decisions as I am with that one.

I partially disagree with him on things from time to time, but even then I enjoy his perspective and learn something from it.

Yes, he’s a bit smug…and so are Oliver and Colbert. But at least they’re all funny. I can’t speak for anyone else, but you can get away with a lot with me if you make me sincerely laugh. We all have character flaws. I figure if I held everyone to a perfect standard, no one would ever meet it, especially myself.

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