The All in the Family cast's 1975 protest of 'The Family Viewing Hour'


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That was one of the all time great TV shows. Satirical dope-slaps that some people just didn’t get. My sister in law for one. She hated that show because it was so racist. Maybe if Carroll O’Connor had held up a “satire” sign when ever he said something off color she would have understood the premise better.


Sonny and Cher, The Osmonds etc.

Wholesome like granola and hot tubbing with your Grandmother.


One of the greatest moments TV history:


Here’s an idea: protest by not watching the goddam teevee!


I was under 10 years of age the entire period, and remember such wholesome choices as Battle of the Network Stars, tv’s proto-version of gladiator competition programs, but with track & field, Nerf, and skimpy attire.


I’m sure that problem is worse than ever today. Satire is no longer understood unless it’s signposted with caricature like SNL. If it doesn’t hit you over the head, it’s either misunderstood or even worse, seen as just as bad as the real thing.


Thanks, Ford.


A true hero.


Just when I thought that show couldn’t get any more awesome. Thanks.


There was also the reverse - people who thought that Archie was amazing because they didn’t get the satire.
One of my favorites -


Not to derail the topic… But one of the other greatest moments -


The series was before my time, so this is the first episode I’ve ever watched, and now things in my younger world are starting to make a strange sort of sense…


… the FCC had overstepped its bounds in having it instituted; the FCC privately lobbied the three major networks to adopt the policy instead of holding public hearings on the matter, and Ferguson ruled on those grounds that the Family Viewing Hour had no binding merit.

The FCC was held accountable for their behind-the-scenes muckery? Those were the days!


That happened with the British original too. Warren Mitchell was not impressed by all the racists who thought his character Alf Garnett was the good guy.


Another greatest TV moment from BOTNS that never gets old - Robert Conrad smoking a cig right before a footrace, and getting smoked by Gabe Kaplan.


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