The American Institute of Aeronautics' first official UFO conference

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Yep, there is indeed a valid scientific study of UAPs that should be done. But it’s in the field of psychology and cognition, not aerospace.




Limited Data Leaves Most UAP Unexplained…
…reputational risk may keep many observers silent, complicating scientific pursuit of the topic.

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If it was explained it wouldn’t be UAP now, would it?

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If the UFO were identified, they become IFO, I suppose.


Yeah, I read the report when it was released, and wasn’t at all impressed. It actually states that there is unlikely to be a single cause for the UAP sightings. The implication of this (unstated in the report) is that there really is no “phenomenon” to study, and that the various cases are best explained by some combination of instrumental error, human error, imperfect information, and cognitive illusion, with each case being unique. More importantly, the singular nature of each sighting makes it difficult or impossible to study scientifically because of lack of replicability of observation. The fact that the report then goes on to ask for more money shades its motivation to a degree that makes it basically worthless.

It is unlikely that the authors of the report intended the “conclusion” you have described. That is just your reading into the report what you already “believe”, after 5 decades of “Carl Sagan indoctrination” with “reason”. For Pete’s sake, Carl Sagan the sceptic, who lived in a revival Egyptian tomb of a secret society!

Both the Aeronautical body and the Airforce worry for instance about a collision threat.

There is no “collision threat” from 1. instrument error, 2. human error, 3. imperfect information, 4. cognitive illusion.

Probably so. Such a conclusion would, after all, largely conflict with the message of “give us more money.”

No, it’s a straightforward inference based on what is explicitly stated in the report.

LOL wut

This is a bizarre thing to say. Of course there is. Flight safety, including the threat of collision, is profoundly affected by each of these factors.


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There is actually not that much left to study. Humans are lousy observers, bad at remembering things, prone to embellish their own memories and then belief themselves, and we are not very good at reporting either.

Oh, and we tend to fill in gaps with whatever we belief what should be there.


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