The Art of Neil Gaiman


I’ve been rereading Sandman. It’s full of amazing art, but the absolute most moving piece is the two-page spread in The Kindly Ones where… well, no spoilers just in case someone here hasn’t read it yet, but yeah. That one.

Whenever a few years accumulate since the last time I read it, I always think Delirium is my favorite. But when I refresh my memory – no, it’s definitely Death.

I’m re-reading my Sandmans: going to see Mr. G at Davies this month…just finished ‘Ramadan’ the other day…an excellent issue with excellent art.

Not all issues match up to (what I consider) the best of Keith/Dringenberg…but that is to be expected: they made the first tales ‘flesh’ if you will. The latest all-fired brand-spanking new Sandman issues: the art is Excellent. The double page spread of the Arkham-esqe hospital, along with the endless Endless incarnations of Dream: artwork worthy of a master of story.

I own nine (!) books about Neil Gaiman, and this one is by far my favorite.

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