The Art of Neil Gaiman


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Love Gaiman’s Sandman work, which I attribute to a lot of modern cinematic fiction and modern conceptualizations of a new look at traditional religious concepts, especially cementing concepts like celestial beings incarnate in disguise (such as now is relatively common in American series, anyway), and retellings of ancient myths and legends in ways that are slightly or dramatically different then the old stories… such as one would expect truth to be quite different from the legends. The characters were fleshed out, and what characters they were. Snarky, hot Death with her Ankh, the foul Corinthian, Morpheus, himself, a man lacking any manner of sense of humor… even side characters like Abel and Cain, or Desire… or the man who made the deal to not die, and meeting with Morpheus every hundred years or so. Gaiman really tapped into something there.

I guess that sketch must be from John Romita Jr for their Eternals mini.

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Gaiman did a 24-hour comic about the mad Roman emperor Heliogabalus a while back, which was interesting since (by his own admission) as an artist he’s no more than a doodler. The bit about Heliogabalus marrying his favorite horse had a full-page drawing of Mickey Mouse, with a large asterisk next to it; the footnote explained that he doesn’t know how to draw a horse, so he drew Mickey Mouse instead.

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It is, indeed, toyg.

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