How to Talk to Girls at Parties – Neil Gaiman at his best

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I tried his advice but as soon as I got to, "Hi, my name is Neil Gaiman,’ things sort of went downhill from there.


In an interview on Studio 360 Gaiman tells a story of how, in 1990 or 1991, he was at the Daily Telegraph Christmas party, and ended up talking to the newspaper’s literary editor.

And he said, “So, what do you do, young man? And I said, “Well, I write comics and he looked as if I’d thrust a herring at him or something. He recoiled but there was nobody else to talk to, so he said, “So, what what what kind of—what kind of comics do you write then?" and I said, “Well, I do a thing called Sandman…and he said, “Hang on, you’re Neil Gaiman." And I said, “Yes I am. And he said, “My dear fellow, you don’t write comics, you write graphic novels." And I honestly felt like a hooker who’d just been told she was a lady of the evening.

I believe this is the interview although I can’t get it to play at the moment.


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:82499”]originally published in his collection Fragile Things[/quote]And generously provided for free by the author online, I might add.


Best of all, the story is available free on Gaiman’s website.


You guys make such a sweet couple!


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