This speech by Neil Gaiman is a must-see for any artist or creator

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It’s a great speech. There’s a full transcript here, and it was converted into a rather artistic book, as well.


here’s a good one by John Waters:


when you start out as an artist or (anything else for that matter) you likely have no idea what you’re doing, and this is a great thing.


jesus, that brought tears to my eyes at the end. all i had speak at my graduation was a local hangin’ judge. i can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to have someone as inspirational as Neil Gaiman speak. lucky kids.

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I have only seen a handful of these U.S. commencement speeches and this is one of my favourites alongside Ali G’s:

Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G) Class Day | Harvard Commencement 2004

My job entails watching a lot of inaugural professorial lectures first hand.
I have a soft spot for entertaining and interesting lectures and speeches and would welcome other recommendations from boingboing followers.

Seth Meyers (comedian and talk-show host) gave the commencement at Northwestern University in 2016. It was pretty funny at the time. The audio doesn’t do justice to the crowd’s laughter.

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