The Art of Osamu Tezuka: Astroboy's God of Manga

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Great book, I read it. But transatlantic? How do you mean that?

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As a child, I found Astroboy to be disturbing, because his head did not translate to a 3D world. The two black projections, whatever they were supposed to be, moved around, depending on the viewing angle, but not in a way that would make any sense in an actual 3D world.

Perhaps they meant “transpacific”?


Sorta like Mickey Mouse’s ears in most of their incarnations?

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I have a friend here in Japan who said exactly the same thing a few months ago! He says that because they are totally flat, with no highlights his brain can’t figure them out. He’s a photographer, so maybe people it bugs people who are especially visually oriented. Will ask him shortly if Mickey’s ears bugged him too…being rounded I think not.

Update: Mickey’s ears don’t bother him. He thinks it’s because they are not pointy and don’t draw attention to which way they are pointing. Definitely the most esoteric conversation either of us will have today. Who’d have thought a tuft of cartoon hair could have such an effect.

There’s a play going on in Los Angeles starting June 20th called Astro Boy and the God of Comics, which might even be based on this book. Come to see it, if you like!

Disclosure - I worked on the production.

Uh–the fact that Disney stole the Lion King from Kimba the White Lion is outrageous, not an example of homage.

Also, a silly rumor blown way out of proportion.

The biggest bits of “evidence”: They have similar names, they’re both lion cubs, and Matthew Broderick was a fan of Kimba and thought it was a remake due to the character’s name until shown the script.

No, it’s not a rumor. The plot of the Lion King is taken whole cloth from Kimba the White Lion. Disney ripped it off, years after it sued into oblivion Dan O’Neil’s Air Pirates for publishing a comic of Disney characters balling & smoking dope. Being a corporation means you can be two faced & no one will say anything.

Oh good, you found that infamous website that takes a bunch of screen grabs from both movies out of context as evidence that Lion King is somehow exactly the same movie as Kimba. No, it’s not, truthfully. If anything, Lion King ripped off Hamlet – that’s what it’s based on. The two movies are very different, but I know that people who really enjoy being angry at Disney will never stop railing against Lion King as a Tezuka ripoff.

Oh good, I should believe you instead of my lying eyes. No thanks.

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