Documentary about Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka


I don’t have time right now to watch it from start to finish, but I wonder if the film mentions the really shabby way he was treated by Disney?

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I think most people wouldn’t have time to watch this. I managed to, and I have to say Osamu Tezuka has
just about the craziest work ethic I’ve ever seen. He averages 3 hours of sleep per day over 3 days according to the documentary. His life outside of the cramped private studio is in his manga and animation, not in his life.

Averaged, sadly.

But yeah, he was a Japanese boomer, that sort of schedule is not that uncommon for them.

I certainly don’t have time to watch this now, but someday I will. In the meantime, thanks- Tezuka is one of the greatest comic artists in human history. Never mind Astro Boy and that stuff- he’s an amazing storyteller who can make the impossible seem easy on paper. If you’ve never read Buddha, you’re missing out on a literary masterpiece. And everything else he did was pretty great, too.

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Bo, it doesn’t mention the fact that Disney Corp. stole Kimba the White Lion & turned it into The Lion King.

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