Internet man sits and smiles at camera for hundreds of hours

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Does he make money off this?

Only four hours a day? Weakling. The Joker can go 24-7.

Dumb question… but did anyone watch the 100s hours of video? Maybe it’s 1 hour of videos uploaded hundreds of times.

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My guess is that he’s practicing a specific Buddhist meditation exercise called “loving kindness meditation”, where you focus on well-being for another individual. Doing it into a camera for all the world to see would be an odd but creative new form of that.

(He could also just be smiling because he’s focused on the happiness of others, and it makes him happy.)


Most of the people I work around sit motionless (except for mousing and typing), staring straight ahead and frowning, for 8 to 12 hours a day.

Maybe if they smiled they could get it done in 4 hours as well.


I noticed a couple of edit points in the video posted. So he’s apparently not really sitting there for four uninterrupted hours. Which begs the question, why does he have to edit it to be four hours?

My boss has that beat by 40 years, he a professional “stare’er”. But no smile with that dude…


Anyone able to stand this more than 10 minutes is qualified for the NSA, department “monitoring the millions of hacked laptop cameras”.

I asked him for an interview earlier this year. His response:

“I’m very busy right now, and since I don’t make any money from Sitting and Smiling, I would need to get paid something to do an interview. Please let me know if this is possible, and what you could afford.”

I imagine that’s why he’s not explaining what he’s doing. Because real journalists don’t pay for interviews.


Or maybe in each video there;s one second where he sticks out his tongue?


I’ve been seeing that horrid rictus in my dreams for so many months…now that I know who he is, I can finally end this…


In my opinion, no, he isn’t.


I’m betting he’s got a battery that lasts 4 hours in his vibrating butt plug


These videos must compress well.


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