The guy who makes videos of himself sitting and staring 4 hours at a time is still going strong

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I would love to see a time travel movie where someone from our time has to explain stuff like this to someone from the past.


TBH I find these videos deeply unsettling.

Friend, it’s us. We’re from the past.


It’s a living.

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One might anticipate a scandal when 4K HD 60fps Sitting and Smiling Remastered turns out to be a 30-second clip subtly looped for four hours.


I’ll settle for this.


This strikes me as incredibly Zen. He is an island of contentment that is nevertheless broadcasting his contentment to all who sit and (presumably) smile with him.

Even the fact that he is subsisting essentially on donations is akin to how many Buddhist monks live.

I am pleased that someone like this exists. A lot of chaos, destruction and negativity could be caused by an individual in four hours - or, one could sit and smile benevolently at the world.


Fly almost lands on him at 44:57


There are many niches in our dystopia.

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Indeed. Exactly what I was thinking.

There’s a scene in “Sleeper” about just that.

(It also illustrates the problems with topical jokes. By now it has aged a bit, and if you were born after 1980 or so you’ll have to look up half of the references to get the joke.)

Needs a Zen master who comes by and whacks the guy with a stick whenever he moves ever so slightly.

The graphics for his donation reward tiers are top notch. Behold the 100$ tier:


If you give him money, his head will fucking explode; only the smile remains.

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