This man has made 220 videos of himself sitting in a corner and smiling for 4 hours at a time

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I don’t quite “get” it. But more power to you, bro. You be you.


This is amazing.

Ah, no it isn’t.


As a hipster, I have to point out that you haven’t really experienced this until you’ve heard it on the original vinyl.


Okay, I had to peek just to get a look at this guy. I tried #210. He gets into position, adjusts his shirt, settles himself, all without smiling, and then CLICK! The smile locks onto his face. Then I spot-checked through the 4 hours to see if anything noticeably changes. Nope, not really, just the moving daylight. And then at the end, he scoots forward to shut off the camera. I was expecting his smile to click off before he moved, but it didn’t. Seemed locked in place.

I wonder if it takes a bit to de-cramp the cheek muscles.


With the right medication he wouldn’t have to do goofy shit like that…or hell who knows, maybe he-‘s got exactly the perfect prescription. Either way he’s still fuckin’ goofy.

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I laughing my ass off over here!

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Uh, spoiler alert next time maybe? Guess I can just skip #210 now.

Thanks a lot.


Thank you for taking the video hit for all of us. My curiosity is now sated.:relieved:


Well, wait until you see what happens in #211, when the exact same thing happens except with a different shirt.

Happy now?


He completely loses his shit.

“You ask if I’m happy. I sit here and do nothing but fucking smile for four hours a god damned day, and you want to know if I’m happy? Well am I? Am I fucking happy?”


it’s a human finding a thing—a peaceful, victimless indulgence—that they are drawn to and genuinely enjoy, not giving any fucks what other people think about it. this person then works to figure out a way to make their modest living doing this thing, creating a perfect joy and peaceful life for themselves, while ostensibly also bringing happiness to others.

how is that not fucking amazing? :slight_smile:


The warmth really comes through.


For periodic content he should have picked Patreon over Kickstarter. It can be much easier to grow a backing organically instead of needing to generate all the hype at once. I’d probably give him a few bucks a month just because it would amuse me to.

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Buddhists have a practice called loving kindness meditation, where you focus on happiness to different beings as you meditate. When I first saw these videos, I assumed that’s what he was doing.

It’s a pretty good argument that he’s extended it to include YouTube viewers.


This is a truly disturbing piece of performance art. He just sits there, rigid, his face a rictus, doing nothing, saying nothing, as his life melts away and sweat soaks his shirt. Who would want this? Why? It’s an exercise in pointless asceticism.


The Joker strikes again.


He’s just doing research for his upcoming performance of Alvin Lucier’s “I am Sitting in a Room”


I won’t stand for this!
And I’m not taking this sitting down!

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