Video: Watch these two TV anchors goof off in an excellent manner during commercial break


tl;dw Anchors practice lengthy routine of moving their bodies in a coordinated fashion.

I’m surprised he could pull this off.
I once sat at the table next to Robert Jordan, overhearing him at lunch.
He’s an airhead.


Another iteration. Cute!

Surely they’ve explained why they do this?


This is a gif gold mine


These are two people who spend a lot of time WAITING together. Just waiting. For shit to actually happen. So they make up games and songs and I am cracking the fuck up right now.


Lots of down time.

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who’s the floor director, busby berkeley?

  1. This is awesome, to state the obvious. I’d watch this over actual news. Though now that I know what kind of people work on that network, I’d consider watching them do their actual job too. Best ad evar!

  2. God, I hope they are not getting in trouble over this. My faith in mankind would suffer another blow if some gutless corporate drone cuts them loose or makes them stop doing this.


I suspect the network is in on the release of this to Youtube.

  1. i bet this helps them both to stay fresh and be 100% “on” when the broadcast switches back to them. they’re spending their down-time keeping their energy up.

  2. this is not at all unlike a proper Boosh crimp.


I have trouble trusting people who can’t sit quietly with their own thoughts for 3 minutes.


Interesting. I have trouble trusting people whose first instinct is moral condemnation of frivolity.


I’m not making a moral condemnation of frivolity. Just a glib comment regarding news anchors. May be best not to trust me in either case. :wink:


Kind of like a fluffer?


Mutual fluffing.

What!? You’re you saying that most news anchors aren’t serious journalists but just vapid containers of pretty?

Oh, my… My illusions are shattered.

At first I thought it was staged but then I realized they have to sit trough so many commercial breaks they get bored and have plenty of time to practice.


Did you read any of the other comments? This is clearly an attempt to keep their energies up while on break, so that when they get back on camera, they don’t seem dull. Also, they have a LOT of commercial breaks to sit through. It’s not like they have one break every 2 hours. They have several every 30 minutes.

Did you read any of the other comments?

Yes. All of them, in fact. You might have missed my second post where I describe my first as “glib”. Moving forward I will try to stay academically serious regarding topics such as frivolity and “goofing off”.

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