BBC news anchor inexplicably clasps ream of paper during segment


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“Give me a stack of paper” is probably what he said.


Hmm… Inexplicably isn’t quite the right word, is it, since you just explained it.



“Give me something to cover my raging hard on!”


Coming up on BBC 4, sexy news.


I feel sorry for the paper.


He’s the printer tech. Got to keep those printers stocked with paper.


Looks like he’s announcing an exposé. Maybe if he had some pearls?


Possible reasons:

  1. Planned on demonstrating great strength by ripping entire ream apart but changed his mind.
  2. Was paid off by paper manufacturer seeking ‘free’ ad.
  3. Grabbed paper when he noticed it slipping off his news desk.
  4. Paper was a visual aid related to a story which the background video failed to address.
  5. Massive brain-fart.
  6. See @euansmith comment.


Ah, yes. Simon McCoy.


PC LOAD LETTER claims another victim…


Wasn’t that broadcast some time in 2013?


Doesn’t seem too surprising. Stereotyped clutching behavior is a classic, if not terribly effective, attempt at stress management. Anyone exposed to a steady diet of news presumably finds themselves developing a tolerance and needing to chase larger and larger doses.


Maybe he’s quitting smoking?


This feels more natural


And they said print media was dead.


He was just in to change the paper in the printer, and suddenly they put him in front of a camera and told him to read the autocue.


not a ream but a choir [quair]


Maybe they have an absent-minded office manager who always forgets to order more paper… he’s just hoarding it so nobody else gets their grubby mitts on it.


Not the paper he was looking for. He wanted to roll a fatty.