News anchor caught daydreaming


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That kind of reaction don’t fly at auntie beeb…


That’s just the modern equivalent of shuffling their papers.



Is it though? I can’t imagine the powers that be being at all happy one of their news readers got caught snapbooking. Or this…


No. But maybe this is -


It looks like she’s having dinner with the king on one of the trick fountain benches of Hellbrunn Palace


well that’s it, summer is officially over. longreach is only 34C.


I could never do this job. I’d be folding paper airplanes all the time on camera.


Oh wow. What the hell? I mean, just… what?


She was playing with a pen.
Unfortunately, she was also a ‘casual contract’ employee. They will not be hiring her anymore.
(ABC24 is under a lot of scrutiny right now because they’re a government funded TV Station, that tends to be left leaning and we have a right leaning govt. So ANY mistake is leapt on by the current government to use as an excuse to defund)


Best “shocked anchor” look since “keep f***cking that chicken!”


Actually left leaning is spin from the conservatives. Repeated reviews have found that if anything they have a right wing bias. But the libs (our Tory party) never let facts get in the way of their narrative. They want the ABC shut down or privatised and have been doing everything in their power to do so for decades. The left wing bias narrative is just one of their weapons and is used to justify their dismissive treatment of Australia’s fairest and most fact based media organisation.




Fucking filth.

Stop raping Auntie*, you cunts.

*Term of endearment for ABC


As least she wasn’t caught deep-dreaming.



Oh c’mon. Anyone can see it was far too small for an iPad. It was clearly an abacus. Old school, like.


Her name is Natasha Exelby. There’s now a twitter campaign #PutYourBloopersOut in support of having her re-instated on air.


But she could license that face to an inflatable woman manufacturer for millions.


Long ago i watched the 3 or 4 am network news cast fairly regularly. It was great. They clearly had about 5 people in the office explicitly tasked with running that newscast (and other people there just doing 24 hour reporting), and most of their transitions were like that: slightly sleepy looking reporter at their desk notices the camera light turning on, sits up and starts delivering their story - janitors going through the desks in the background.

It was like a late evening college class. Just relaxed, everyone there, not feeling hurried or particularly bright eyed, sort of gathering up enough content to fill 2 hours, rather than the usual newscast where they spent all day lining things up and cutting back to what they have time for.