“The Australian Open is on TV, which means my Golden Retriever is in heaven.”


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Georges has upgraded his man cave (er, golden retriever cave?) since last year’s football season.

We seem to be having quite a lot of dogs today.

Ball! Ball! Ball!


I like the bit when the camera pans over and the other is just sitting there staring in the camera with look that’s like “See the shait I have to put up with”.


That TV is coming DOWN! (nevermind - I see it’s attached to the wall)

More anthropomorphism. It is very funny. I would like to echo SamWinston1’s comment, in fact it seems like they are acting… like the whole thing was scripted “Okay dog 2, you are just going to stand there and stare unmoved into the camera when I pan across to you.” “RohKay.”

Dog does deadpan.

I have to say I am often surprised at animals’ and reptiles’ reactions to televisual stimuli as I tend to expect them to operate through their olfactory senses to such an extent that a TV shouldn’t really be convincing enough for them. Apparently I am incorrect about this.

So now not only do I not understand the human brain, I also don’t understand dogs’ brains.

Anyone see the recent Family Guy episode where Brian detours a time travel trip with Stewie and Chris to murder Pavlov?

Why should anybody need to be convinced that sports are being played in the room to watch them on television? People needn’t be fooled in such a way to get them excited about watching a game. Perhaps this dog needn’t either. Some dogs apparently don’t even need any reason to be excited!


What would you suppose the dogs would need to be “convinced” of? You seem to be suggesting that they’d need to be fooled into assuming the action is happening where they are.

It would be reasonable to assume that someone probably saw it.

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I don’t understand what you are talking about.

I am directly referencing a remark that you made yourself…

What would they (the dogs) need to be “convinced” of?

Ok. So, what were you supposing that a dog’s reactions to olfactory stimuli would have to do with their watching of television?

Okay. Obviously I don’t understand what I’m talking about.

Phew. Finally. They went away and stopped giving me the third degree about dogs watching fucking television.

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