Adorable bulldog watches horror film on TV, gets emotional

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Looks like The Conjuring. . And the scariest scene in the movie, at that. The dog and I are of like mind.


A friend of mine has two rottweilers that love wildlife documentaries.


Neither of my dogs (Belgian shepherd, German shepherd) ever showed / shows the slightest interest on what is on the TV. I read that “flat faced” breeds have visual fields more similar to humans’ than other dogs, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Ivory was aroused to mournful howls by the horrible scream-like barks of a dog once featured on Boing Boing:

Khaleesi's To-Do List
[X] Netflix
[ ] Chill

Assuming the PG interpretation of the phrase, of course. :blush:


Yes, it is a scene from The Conjuring.


I’ve witnessed two different dogs react to side two of ‘Live Peace Toronto 1969’ (the Yoko side). Both simply ran away and hid behind a couch. [God, I love that record!]


A good dog knows to protect humans, and that’s a good dog.


I didn’t think dogs could understand 2D images, but this one sure can. Others have said it before, but what a good dog!


I think it depends on the refresh rate of the TV. Some animals have a much finer perception of motion than we do so 30fps might be too slow for them to understand what the TV is doing. However if the refresh rate is high they might actually be able to see the video? I could be wrong.


Precisely why the only dogs in horror movies are the antagonist.

My dog has demonstrated unequivocally that she will defend all children from series threat including her faithful owner. For example, while teasing a niece with a game of monster the young one screamed. You can imagine the rest. When my brother returned from work he refused to believe that such a simple lowly creature could behave that way. No blood was shed. However, I believe he piddled. You can imagine the rest.

Stupid dog. Those effects didn’t even look real. And the plot was full of holes, don’t tell me he believed that corny bit at the end with the music box!


Bulldog watches a horror movie, does something INCREDIBLE during scary scene

My dogs will be pleased to learn that their incessant barking isn’t annoying, it’s INCREDIBLE

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My dog couldn’t care less about the TV, no matter what’s on it, unless there’s thunder, which is very scary.

But my parents’ Yorkie watches TV along with them and used to be fascinated by the Teletubbies, getting up close to the screen to stare at them, and walking along with them, getting very agitated when one would walk off the edge of the screen and disappear.

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I have a Boston Pugler ( Boston terrier and Pug mix) that will spot any 4 legged animal on the TV and proceed to tell it off. Makes watching Animal Planet rather difficult.

Luckily she must have a pinch of parrot in her since once you cover her with a blanket she will just calm right down. :slight_smile:


They already know it’s incredible, that’s why they do it.

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Apparently the noble octopus disdains standard definition TV. I don’t know of any other specifically researched examples; but it hardly strains credulity that a variety of animals might be unmoved by a medium designed pretty tightly around what looks good to humans(and can be delivered cheaply); despite being quite interested in certain visual stimuli more relevant to their interests.

I’d be curious to know if there are any that totally wig out at LCDs; but not at CRTs or OLEDs, since an LCD is a big rectangle of uniformly polarized light(not something you see every day in the wild); while the other displays, while they have some odd color peaks because of the phosphors, are comparatively normal emmissive sources.

I think the dog has issues with the editing of that film.

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