Frogs enjoy watching video of bugs on iPhone




When showing frogs their favorite worm video, always remember the sneeze guard.


It is not wise to tease the frogs.


Given the way a friend of mine here at work is bitching about his iPhone and iPad problems with iOS8 today, I expected something entirely different.


Here, I liberated that for you.


Thank you. All I was getting was a blank. With FB I have all my intertron-guards primed.


It’s fascinating how they all jump too high, as if they saw the iphone as just a window that they had to jump through to get to the bugs.


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Something very small jumps to the left , out of frame, at 1:04 - I wonder if it made it out alive.


Our dogs couldn’t care less about what might be on TV. They otherwise very observant of things, especially things that move, but they seem completely oblivious to moving images on a flat screen. They seem to intuitively know it isn’t real. But I can’t wait to get an Oculus Rift headset on them.


May be because of the framerate. I may be wrong here but wouldn’t dogs have rather lousy color vision (which could make the tv image look unreal), and/or aren’t they able to see more frames per second (which would make the image choppy or flickery)?


Yeah, I’ll bet it is something like that. It just doesn’t like it is seem real to them. Frame-rate or colours are possible answers. It might also be the fact that it is not 3D. As hunters, their stereoscopic vision and range-finding must be pretty good. The TV might just look too flat to be real.

They can be fooled by recorded sounds but not by vision, in our observation. Very cool to see the frogs totally tricked, though.


Maybe they just thought it was a free iPhone 6.


This why technology is so detrimental; by directly hitting neural receptor sites that were designed to keep organisms alive, we are all ignoring the real world and instead have become comatose, quickly polluting ourselves to death, transfixed, soothing our anxiety with that next touch screen fix.


Who doesn’t enjoy watching videos of bugs on an iPhone?


The Apple developers who fathered them, and the testers who let them get through?


Well, well, well, I’ll be selling a lot more froglegs to French chefs soon.


Recall the Law of Unintended Consequences…


Perhaps not all dogs are the same. Here is an anecdotal counter to @winkybber 's anecdote. A dog jumps at the baseball on the TV.

Does it think it is real? Does it feel emotion? Some advice from popsci on dogs watching TV. Dogs and cats need at least 75Hz or above to see continuous picture instead of individual frames. We easily fooled humans only need about 50Hz.


That’s kind of cool (even if filmed with the phone upright - what the hell is wrong with people?).

Our dogs have never live in a house with a doorbell. They should have no idea what a doorbell even is. Yet when they hear a doorbell on TV, they run to our door, expecting guests. Go figure.