The average color of the universe is called “cosmic latte”

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I just painted my house “Navajo white”, which seemed at least a little ethnically problematic. The actual color is very close to this.


That swatch is ‘eggshell.’


“Beige. I think I’ll paint the Universe . . . beige.”


It’s much brighter than my childhood experiments with watercolours and plasticine led me to expect…


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Jeez guys; you make dark matter do ~85% of the work when it suits your cosmological models; then ignore it entirely on picture day?

I know that not everyone is a star; but do you have to rub it in?


On average the typical human is dead.


yeah! as one who likes their latte’s a bit on the dark-side…

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University surveyed the light from over 200,000 galaxies and found that the average color of the universe is hex number #FFF8E7,

aren’t there a whole lot of ‘directions’ (solid angles or steradian?) where the photon flux is nigh nuth’n from this location? (“Additive colors or Subtractive colors?”) that is, to the rank amateur, and the lyrics to Firefly: Take me out to the black, \ Tell them I ain’t comin back…
(“Olbers paradox” …expansion of space yaddayadda)

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Well, that’s what happens when you leave the Slood out.

Bleh, a drink should at least pretend to have espresso in it to be called a latte.

Remind me to take a thermos of my own coffee if I ever visit Johns Hopkins.

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Y’all be drinking some weak-ass coffee!

My morning quadruple espresso is the real average color of the universe - motherfucking BLACK


So the average color of the universe is exactly the same shade as the average color that all 80s light beige computer plastics gradually changed to. Coincidence?!



Kinda underpins the ‘it’s all just a simulation’ theory.

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