The universe has no "up"


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Butt-lifting jeans a success

it’s just down, all the way down.



So, I guess that means there is also no Central Bureau we can trudge down to, to register an Official Complaint about all this, is there?..


Where are the turtles?


I’ve always found it interesting in that just about every space-based SF movie or TV show, when two or more ships meet, they’re all oriented in the same direction.


It’s so they have their blasters pointed in the right direction for what comes next…


First, the so-called “Supreme” so-called “Court” mandated so-called “Gay” so-called “marriage”, and now the universe is homogeneous? Thanks, Obama!



This explains why I always feel like I’m going nowhere.



It also has no chill.


Sure there’s a direction.

The enemy’s gate is down.


Perhaps it was actually a big implosion.
A so-called big crush theory as it were.


held up by turtles


You’re referring to the Big Gnab.


No. The Gnab Gib.


No, that was responsible for the creation of antimatter.


Well, since there is no preferred direction and there is evidence of turtles, even turtles supporting turtles, i would suggest that the answer to your question is



Well, there’s always the regional branch office…


Well that’s surprisingly good news, I think.