The Axle turns the simple barbell into a full-body workout tool. Right now, it’s almost $100 off

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You might be able to do that in the USA, but in the UK 90% of home, that thing would take up the entire living room floor space, with no room for you to stand, and you could never life it over your head as the ceiling would not be high enough, Uk homes are not built for home work outs…

Bought one of these and lost more than 200 pounds overnight.


Granted, barbell reps will definitely build up your arms and some other muscle groups. But, unless you’re into weight training, it might not seem like much of a candidate for providing a full body workout.

I just can’t even parse that sentence in a way that makes sense.

Of course a barbell won’t give you a full body workout if you’re not into weight training.

But if you’re not into weight training, how do they build up your arms and “some other muscle groups”?

I just can’t…what…?

So where is the dividing line between “building up arms and some other muscle groups” and a “full-body workout” that results from “being into weight training” ? Whether you know how to do squats?

Yeah, sumo squats, and presses can make use of dumbells, as can rows, and single arm military presses… hell you could do toe lifts holding one.

yes but does that mean you are “into weight training”? Because apparently that’s important!

And this “wheel and bands” system saves you from the horrors of weight training by…using RESISTANCE training instead!

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I want someone from Tokyo to weigh in…

I’ve weight trained, I’ve also done things like driving a car occasionally, going to go with… I am ambivalent about these activities

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