Forget the gym membership. Stay fit in 2020 with this portable home gym

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And how am I supposed to hang clothes on that?


Im holding out for the delux version that comes with a portable home steam room in a body bag that attaches to the kettle or microwave.

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You ain’t the BodyBoss of me!

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But there are no accompanying pictures of senselessly buff people! How are people supposed to know if it’s any good?

Clearly the TheraGun is the way to go.




“ Forget the gym membership.”

My cunning plan finally pays off.


How many calories do I burn setting it up?

Why doesn’t her bed fall over?

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It’s a stunt bed:
Mike Cameron … functional props
Vince Catlin … functional props
Michael Possert Jr. … special effects props (uncredited)

(And it probably cost $$$$$ and appeared in the accounts as misc. unexpln. spc. cst. or something.)

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You joke, but honestly because it’s probably one of those old mental institution beds that weigh upwards of 100 pounds so that people can’t really move them or move the restraints on them.

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