The Babysitter's Coven

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@doctorow The book seems to deal with some mature to mature-ish themes, obviously this varies by child, but how young would you say the book is appropriate for? For a comparison we’re halfway through the fourth Harry Potter but I don’t think I’d move on to the fifth yet.


Hopefully, the stories will allow the young ladies to explore other uses of their gifts besides the specifically-stated powers. Otherwise they’re ‘superheroines’.

“Coven” all but promises witchcraft, which (among other things) should expand the practitioners’ capabilities as well as deepen the ones they already find comfortable. By that, I mean that the ‘pyrokinetic’ should have at least a good chance at learning ‘cryokinesis’ (if not some completely different ability resulting from her studies) as the series progresses, as well as honing her pyrokinesis to increase her precision and total capacity.

Still, a good recommendation like this puts the series on my own “check it out” list!

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