New "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" YA books will focus on Willow's kid being Chosen

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I wonder if this means the official sequel comics that came out years ago are now officially non-canon, like Disney did with all the Star Wars comics and novels.

Well there are more recent comics that already reimagine the story. So Willow is always gay in it. AFAIK any TV series that has been considered recently would also feel free to update the original.

I know about the reboot series, but that’s a separate thing. Guess I’ll have to wait to see which continuity this builds off of and how elevated this storyline will be.

Err… why put both the big power sets inside one person? Makes everyone else the Zeppo, really…


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I’m not sure how the idea of a slayer convention squares with the end of the series, unless it’s much, much bigger than Comicon. Maybe I’m misremembering the nuances of that ending.


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Safe to say any new media that comes along will have to take a lot of liberties with that ending. It was intended to be pretty darned final. The “season 8” comics going all Hogwarts with it made some amount of sense, but you’d definitely need to get loose with the canon there to continue.


So, how does this explain Willow having a child when she’s clearly been in a lesbian relationship with Tara in the original series, something that has always struck me as an immensely powerful and positive development in television programming. Perhaps Oz or Xander came forward as a donor?
With the Mouse Factory as owner, I don’t hold out much hope for a clear explanation.

I assumed Frankie was an adopted POC. That’s the trope, anyway.

Lesbian couples have children every day. Adoption, insemination, co-parenting arrangements with male friends, kids from previous relationships, there are lots of ways to do it. Meet some lesbians- we’re nice people.


I don’t trust Disney with remakes or sequels anymore.

To be honest they never were that original even at their best (repurposing century-old tales…) but by now they seem to have totally given up on adding anything original at all.

Next thing life-action Steamboat Willie?

Right but has this already been answered in the Buffy Season 12 comics? Maybe it ended with Willow having a child.

First Star Wars, then Star Trek, then Doctor Who and now Buffy. I guess there is always fanfic … they generally have better ideas and writing that those Hollywood “creatives”.

So, she could never, ever had sex with a man (or adopt or get invitro, etc), because she was in a relationship with a woman?


I’m guessing this is a “you’ll have to read it to find out” kind of thing. Then again, aside from world building I don’t see it being of much importance.


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