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We tried to be unbiased.

[Ebola] is spread by… watching of Fox News.

These two statements appear to be at odds.

No, no, Alzheimer’s is spread by watching Fox. Jeez, get it right already.

You statement makes sense if nuance is disallowed. In a universe without nuance, those would be mutually exclusive.

That’s why I said “at odds,” not "contradictory.

oh, merely in conflict, not contradictory, my apologies prof.

It only says they tried.

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I’m probably being reactionary, but a conversation centered around a quick reading of news and current events blurbs does not sound stimulating at all.

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First step in being a better dinner guest is realizing that a deadly disease that causes vomiting, bleeding, and diarrhea is not appropriate dinner table conversation. The second is not discussing politics.


How about her new album? What do you think about her new direction?
(of Taylor Swift)

Wow. This all made sense once I saw who posted it.

Thanks Cory and Xeni, for always giving me two solid reasons to visit BoingBoing. And Mark for, er, when I need pointless consumer gadget advertisements, up-to-the-minute-urgent Uber advice, or CONVERSATION POINT’s when I find myself unable to string together five friendly words on my own.

Edit: Sorry, there are just so many gems to chose from:

So, what HAS (emphasis not mine) everyone been watching on Netflix?

Edit: Ok, just one more. They are just too good.

Bonus Beyoncé Activity! See if anyone knows the dance that goes with the song “Single Ladies” and have them teach it to you

Edit: Last one I promise.

Jason is the consumer gadget guy, Mark is the make-a-ukulele-with-your-daughter guy.

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Mark seems to post a lot of ‘reviews’ for products.

battery & phone case


amazon ereader

jar opener

wifi device

All from the last few weeks. Too tired to post his numerous Uber schill-pieces.

Great concept. Deep left bias. Not really appropriate for dinner party conversation, where you’re trying to enjoy commonalities among a hopefully diverse group of people, and not soapbox your personal bias.

An opening jab at Fox News, without an accompanying shot at NBC. Or CNN.

Clincher is the description of the Michael Brown incident: “some testimony says Brown hit the officer through the window and was attempting to grab his gun”. No mention of the fact that Brown’s DNA was on the officer’s gun? Does that get lumped in with “some testimony”, and then watered down by “attempting”? The well-evidenced fact that Brown grabbed the officer’s gun is an extremely critical piece of the story that, for many people, serves to justify the shooting of Brown.

Two of those are boingboing Gadget Podcasts, which does what it says on the tin, and one is a Cool Tools crosspost, which ditto.

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