The Out-Of-Context Conversation


Use comments from other people in other threads to comment in this thread.

For example someone might post this comment:

And someone else might reply with this comment:

Have at it. (Suggestion: the search feature comes in handy for finding useful comments.) No original content.


[quote=“breadlord, post:33, topic:93897, full:true”]
I like “Mango Mussolini”


[quote=“falcon2001, post:17, topic:97189”]
Yeah, that makes this more surprising, but it’s not like people don’t have weird ass beliefs or thoughts.











Clarification: Do we need to use the entire comment, in which case a link to that particular post would suffice, or can we choose a sentence from the middle of a longer piece, in which case we need to use the quote reply function?


Whatcha Watchin’?, Season Two


You can use part of a comment, but it has to be at least a full sentence.



You could construct

original content

which would

defeat the purpose.


[quote=“Howard_Johnson, post:153, topic:97230”]
Guy mostly in charge of Minnesota is not an asshole, magically making life better for everyone. Scientists and college kids baffled.


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