Cadet Bone Spurs says he'd have run into that school, "even if I didn't have a weapon"


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Please do us all a favor and run into that gunfire unarmed.


So if I understand this correctly, trained professionals did a terrible job of protecting the students because they did not want to get into a gun fight and the solution for this is to just have more trained professionals?


Only if he didn’t have to do stairs.


Fat, geriatric golfers != trained professionals


The republican solution is simpler:

More guns in the hands of untrained teachers.


I don’t even believe the part about him being able to run.


Like this?




LOL. That has to have the highest LOL to bullshit ratio ever.


The problem with people who pooh-pooh the “good guys with guns” theory is that they keep insisting on pointing out the failure of ACTUAL good guys with guns to stop mass shootings instead of focusing on how many IMAGINARY mass shootings have been prevented by good guys with guns.

For example, in the realm of imagination Donald Trump is now enjoying a victory parade for making the President Harrison Ford played in Air Force One look like a Grade-A Pussy.



There have to be at least a few Trumpkins who hear this and roll their eyes in disgust and disbelief. Please tell me there are, somebody.


OK, I think I understand the solution now. We post a Trump at every school.


Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist. That is not just a state of inflated ego, but one of active delusion. Having someone in his condition in the highest office in the land is dangerous beyond belief. I have dealt with people like that before and they do not live on the same planet as you and I.


This spectacle ought to put to rest the idea that Turmp “supporters” honestly believe he’s anything other than a piece of shit. There is no amount of inbreeding or racist apoplexy or Chuck Norris-based nationalist fantasy imbecilism that could allow someone to hear those remarks and not think “welp, that guy’s a piece of shit”.

If someone pretends to think he should be president on his merits, they are trolling you, and you should ignore that bait and skip right to talking about why they voted to destroy America.


About 40% of the people in the US believe most of what he says most of the time :cry:

Now the fanatics…
I estimate there are about 10,000,000 adults in the country who think ⊥rump is literally the greatest President since George Washington, if not the greatest ever.


YEAH BABY!!! Run into the school and dodge those bullets like you dodged your draft notices.


The scary thing is that some people are probably sitting there nodding and going “Ya know, I bet he would have. Man’s a genuine hero, afraid of nothing.”

Because the alternative would be to recognize that when he says something like that, it demonstrates unequivocally that he is completely full of shit. And if they admit that he’s full of shit on this occasion, then …

But that’s a very scary road to go down, and fortunately cognitive dissonance is there to save them from the agony of having to re-evaluate their beliefs.

That Donald. What a hero.