The Batman II's release date has been pushed back

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Did it, though? It was ok. But I thought it was…a little boring.


For a moment I thought this read Batman 11, but that number is still too low!


I hated it. Batman Year One, but Gotham is the city from Se7en.

How many innocent commuters died in that ridiculous highway conflagration you caused, Batman?


The strikes in Hollywood aren’t necessarily over yet and don’t be surprised if some productions are delaying on the possibility that another one is coming soon. See IATSE

Yeah, and the fact that Batman showed zero interest in checking for injured or actively burning civilians seemed way out of character. Especially given the relatively low stakes in that car chase. He basically just really wanted to talk to the Penguin about what he knew, and just let him go after the conversation was concluded.

But at least that car chase gave the Corridor Crew team a fun challenge, digitally replacing it with history’s best Batmobile:


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