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Of course, some croutons Krotons don’t go so well in soup.


better than some Kronos


Neither yours nor @M_M examples are bread into boiling water.

Aren’t bagels just baked? Doughnuts are fried. That other thing looks like bread boats on sauce.



No pappa al pomodoro for you then!


Bagels and pretzels are both boiled and baked.


OK - so I guess DOUGH can be boiled. But if you took BREAD - like bagels after they are done, and boiled them again, what would you end up with?

Somehow they are different because noodles are noodles and bread is bread, or we would just call it Boodle.


But pasta isn’t baked before it’s boiled.


Have you never tried boiled lasagne?

(Aside: I had a housemate whose variation on spaghetti bolognese was just to boil mince with the spaghetti, drain and serve, no sauce).




You know, to warm up the leftovers. Just put it into boiling water for a few minutes.



Bagels are boiled in a lightly alkaline solution. Some day I will unleash my recipe, it is an amazing deconstruction of bagels.

But when?


I know a few people play tabletops here. I have been running Curse of Strahd with 5e for a while and I’m at an interesting a deadly battle that will likely be the next session entirely. I’m curious what people here would pitch as a possible twist or resolution outside of just killing players dead.

Basically, the group pissed off a bunch of werewolves and have been dodging them for a while. For some reason (after figuring out they were being followed into an ambush) they cut through the woods to a river where they promptly built a raft instead of swimming. I even had humans and werewolves show up in the distance down the bank and just watch them and they still built this damned raft. Anyways, the werewolf leader shows up and that’s the end of the session after a brief exchange before he transformed and charged.

They had an OK chance to win, but they don’t know one of their heavy hitters has just bonded with a cursed weapon that forces him to use it on a fight and fight to the death. Worse yet, it is a spear and he uses a bow.

The werewolf leader wants blood for being embarrassed, but ultimately is also subordinate to Strahd who is very angry that they managed to steal something from him. I’m thinking the guy with the spear (who also drove for the raft to be built) is probably dead dead, but they others if they don’t run should probably find themselves in the castle dungeon. I feel like there is a better resolution I’m just not clever enough to see, so I’m looking to bounce ideas off anyone.


Oy vey.


Spear dude could be split from the party and left for dead in the woods, rather than actually deaded.If the fight occurs in the river, there’s plenty opportunity for being swept away, knocked out by the fallen tree downstream used to stop the raft etc. Any waterfalls nearby?

Werewolf leader dude could be like all number 2s and pushing for promotion, a pat on the head and what-a-good-dog-have-a-big-bone, so it could be possible to keep a few PCs for himself as squeaky chew-toys?


If the sun isn’t yet over the yardarm, climb the mast.

I spent some time (twenty years ago) living ina rotting slum with a collection of teenage junkies. Money was tight, and cooking wasn’t a high priority; we largely subsisted on food that had been abandoned in the cupboards by the previous tenants.

Which is why I spent a month eating nothing but spaghetti (just pasta, no meat or vegetables) in satay sauce.


If you want to take a tangent with it:

  1. Let the TPK happen.
  2. Players wake up naked and bloodsoaked in the woods.
  3. An American Werewolf in London: players now get to discover and deal with their newly acquired lycanthropy. Make sure to include lots of downside; friendly NPCs showing up dead, with the implication that the PCs accidentally killed them while wolfed-out, etc. Any heroic PCs should be facing a genuine dilemma about what to do.


Hey, I’m not a butcher, a baker, nor a candlestick maker.