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Just a purebread derailer. :wink:


And that’s why we can’t look away.


I just can’t stop looking at this banana derailer.


Meanwhile, in Arlington, Virginia…


You would think as an electric mouse he’d expect that attack.


6-year-old me is coveting that sweet sweet bike.


(Thanks to @PatRx2 over in the Fiverr thread I went down a The Shaggs rabbit hole for a bit.)


I just now realized I have an arsenal of tools, facial expression wise, that I want to name and describe. Pics will come later, cause my phone’s camera is acting up.

  1. The Pinch and Really?
    This is where you remove your glasses, pinch the bridge of your nose, and quietly mutter, Really?

  2. The Spock.
    Self explanatory, but I can only do it on one side.

  3. The Schumer.
    Bow your head down, and make sure half your eyeballs are above your glasses rims.

  4. The incredulous
    It is a Spock, but with a mildly (mildly!!) agape mouth

  5. The Serious
    This takes practice. You have to lock eyes with someone, and make your eyes barely flutter.

  6. The Intellectual
    Look someone in the eyes, then slowly guide theirs upwards

  7. The Devito
    Watch the movie Get Shorty too many times and copy Danny devitos face and mannerisms.


Spear guy died once already and got brought back accepting a dark power. His eyes are just weeping wounds, but he still can see. I don’t have a choice but to let him die if it is the fate of the dice, it’s the others I’m more focused on.

They can escape on the raft into the lake nearby and that would push story events along… so I could let them escape into this lake where they see a fisherman dump a squirming burlap sack into the lake.

[quote=“Wanderfound, post:119, topic:96786”]

  1. Let the TPK happen.2) Players wake up naked and bloodsoaked in the woods.3) An American Werewolf in London: players now get to discover and deal with their newly acquired lycanthropy. Make sure to include lots of downside; friendly NPCs showing up dead, with the implication that the PCs accidentally killed them while wolfed-out, etc. Any heroic PCs should be facing a genuine dilemma about what to do.
    [/quote]The only issue is that they are recently strong enough to remove lycanthropy on its own. It would definitely work for one or two of them, I could have them change that night and retreat to the Castle of Strahd to report in. Putting them in the castle gives me several advantages and probably separates them from the source of the cite for a while.

I think I have a good path forward to let them escape infected and possibly just have one death. It’s still a while to the next session but it will likely be a big turning point after they have had a few big wins in a row.


Also known as The Parent.


Or the DD!


After consideration, and several days of the kids home on spring break, I’ve decided “The Parent” is actually a variant of @japhroaig’s “Pinch & Really?”, given how often what I actually mutter is “you did what now?”


I didn’t want to completely off-topic How to stop websites from auto-playing audio and videos with more talk of cod-old-english, (well, not any further :wink:) but I wanted to note that taking all that to 11 and doing karaoke song lyrics in the cod-cod-cod-‘old-english’ used by early-Marvel-comic-Thor, is very silly fun.

For example:

[spoiler]“If thou wanteth mine body,
And thou doth think the form of the Odinson be sensually alluring,
Then comest thou, mortal woman and doth thee let goeth of ‘it’”

(Rod Stewart)[/spoiler]

(This is the correct place for private and confidential confessions, right?)


Always, but you also might have enjoyed this before, well, you know…


Now that the Confession thread has auto-closed, I suppose so.

ETA: Curse you critter! Grrrrrr! :slight_smile:


@critter @M_M Ah, dammit. I should have known. :joy:


It’s thou wantest



(But yes, quite true, and noted. :slight_smile:)


What??? Off topic for this thread? Unpossible!


For this thread, absolutely not! But for the unrelated thread above that I was sidetracking wildly in, and had just dragged someone unrelated into from the other side of the board?

Even Mr. ‘Strong Bursts of Misdirected Enthusiasm’ here (Present!) (waves arm in air), notices these things sometimes. :wink: