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Might I suggest you make “The DeVito” number 8? According to Benny Hill according to the comedians’ handbook this is Look No.7.

That would be telling.

ETA Naturally @Archon beat me to it.




Well of course they’re upping her meds, she’s listening to The Eagles!



If my opinions had any value I wouldn’t be giving them away for free here.

ETA: I think I completely misinterpreted that chart- blurry morning eyes and old bifocals.




The title of that graph is horrible grammatically.

“The opinion of the guys that made ‘Hotel California’” is an opinion held by the Eagles. So, the way it’s worded, the graph shows that the Eagles think that people listening to their song are stupid if they are paying to what they hear.

I think it’s trying to say, “How [one|your|someone’s] opinion of the guys who made ‘Hotel California’ is affected by how closely [one is|you are|that person is] actually paying attention to the song.”

Also: attributing “learning disabilities” to someone whose music you don’t appreciate? Really? Not cool.


And Oxford commas are important.

Just sayin’.


One of the Freeview channels here has recently started running the series from the beginning, so it’s in my mind. :slight_smile:

(I’m less fond of the conversion job from 4:3 format to modern TV scaling that they did, mind - who’d have thought that we’d still be complaining about ‘pan and scan’ conversions in 2017, with our wide-screen TVs? :/)


Not my graph. I am typically exceptional grammatically.

Good point.


Just in time for the 50th anniversary!


Totes not related to anything.

I am listening to soulful Hammond b3 and Wurlitzer tunes. They are like my teddy bears.


Happy st. Pat’s, my unofficial b-day (off by a day or so). I contemplated going to Cameron’s in Half Moon Bay today, but the drive will be gridlock and the police will (rightfully) be out for anyone that even looked at a Guinness.

Biddy McGraws in pdx is also a lovely place, if it still exists. But Portland is even farther. I miss the conversations I had with biddy, she was Fecking insane.

There are a few places round here that are okay, but they will be packed with Bros. What is a Japhroaig to do? (Just have a Guinness at home and rewatch Father Ted, ya gobshite)


Happy Level-Up!



Well, on that note…

n that note . . . . . .



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This is cool.