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The McDonald’s pic is amazing, but I am a stickler for detail–the bold underline under Boy Toys did it for me. That is Dada levels of humor.


I was going for a math joke, you big HTML perv.

Not that I didn’t LOL.


Because it’s bad music that sucks and totally underlines how little the musicians appreciate their art form?

Because the lyrics take poetic license?

I’m a musical dunce and the first to admit I don’t get it but… really? All I have to do is pay better attention and I’ll see the glaring holes?


I see; and how does that make you feel?


Make me? That’s an interesting choice of words. Do issues of agency always plague your rhetoric?


Yes. Maybe. I don’t know, I really have no control over it.


And what does “control” mean to you?

*tips pince-nez forward

I will indulge theories on the artistic coherency of Hotel California as a substitute for further analysis.



Nice. I had a dream about those balls once.


Completely random. I was doing my hair today, and found that a High and Tight, with a strategic curl placed 75% down my forehead looks amazing.


And no one noticed the thread was wiki’d…


I have one of these, but instead of a stump, it’s a pineapple, and instead of a tractor, it’s my hand.


I’m going to say yours may not have quite the same “cool factor” as this, but the results probably* taste much better.

*Pineapple’s good but I’ve never tried ground tree stump to make a proper comparison.


I want one. I don’t need one. Well, I do have a couple of tree trunks that need to be ground out, but they aren’t in anyone’s way, so I’m letting decomposition do it’s job.

But, wow, I can think of some “off label” uses…


Not the same destruction potential, but we had a 36" auger for the tractor. Fun stuff.


Anfo? :boom:


My wife has unilaterally told me no in the past…I doubt that has changed


Don’t do it while she’s home then. What could possibly go wrong!


Found it. Another cool video consigned to a gif using up all my bandwidths and taking an hour to load.


Plus you get all of the sounds, too.