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This wasn’t an attack on you though, i just like to see the vids of interesting gifs. I still use many of them myself, if i didn’t i’d find it even harder to articulate my thoughts without a pithy gif.


Suddenly your claims about living in Florida are thrown into doubt.


Not ground. Unless you’re talking about how these guys do it:

And yes, I have had it fresh. Horribly wasteful unless you’re already clearing an area.


No worries. I didn’t make the gif. I’m just a middleman.


So session went down. Now the spear guy has become the head werewolf of the werewolf army and is working on convincing them to rebel against their allegiance to the main bad guy. And if they are not careful the daughter of his pre-made backup character (that he doesn’t need) will die at the beginning of next session. They are also about to be invited to meet the main bad guy for defeating his werewolf army.

So… I guess it went better than expected.


For the love of God.

  • I owe people here money
  • I’ve neglected obligations I’ve had to them
  • I am a laughing stock at work functions

I have always been like this. It is a total drag unless I am under extreme pressure. Which isn’t good for anyone.

For the love of fsm, I am gonna stop procrastinating. Make apologies. Fulfill my duties. And let this meat suit rest.


May his noodly appendage reach out and touch you, blessing your vows against procrastinating.



Sometimes it feels so good.


“Tonight, you can boogie with Jo Anne Worley.”


So. Shiny.


The deep recesses of my mind vaguely remember this.

As a wee lad, I did not understand the star power that CHiPs had acquired in one place.

How did they manage that I wonder? Where did all these people learn to skate? How many pharmaceuticals were expensed?


Apparently, there’s a CHiPs movie out/out soon?

And apparently, it’s awful?


The Clark Kent?


Not everyone was actually on skates. So funny to look back on stuff like that.


I can’t sleep so I have been trying to come up with horrible character names. So far the best surname I came up with was Browntown.


Dumpford Browntown? Of the Browntowns? Say what you will about the current generation, but old man Browntown himself was a genius in the night soil industry.

Actually, don’t say anything, that Dumpford is a nasty piece of work and I’d hate to see you wind up at the bottom of a manure pit.


Maybe he means Gertel Browntown, the one who took her father’s money and opened that peacock rehabilitation depot just southwest of Catalpa.


How now Browntown?


Hown nown Browntown.

Fixed that for you.


You’ve successfully nerd-sniped me.

I wrote a script to calculate 100 random “popular surnames” given the 100* most popular surnames in the US**.

*I know, seriously undertrained.
**or anywhere else.

This is what got pooped out: