The Beatles' "White Album" demos: listen and learn

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This is something I’d like to buy. I have an mp3 already of the whole thing in one solid chunk, which is kind of hard to use. Then there’s these YT videos, which are at the lowest quality level (240), and probably sound like an echo chamber on acid. Some of it, I have on the anthology (aka The Beatles Apocrypha). I’d like to have all of it in decent sound. Is it for sale anyplace reputable?

Can’t stay to edit this into coherence. Daughter is calling me because she sees a bug downstairs.


Hi Kip,

On the subject of editing, I’d be happy to cut your mp3 up into individual tracks and put up on DropBox for you. I’d love to have them myself!

Both great.

I like the simple immediacy of the performances.

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Address doesn’t work, sorry. It just bounced back at me. But it motivated me. I’m about 2/3 done now, using good old Audacity. (Kind of a pain that Sound Forge doesn’t work on my Mac, after I paid for it twice and all.)

George Harrison had Eric Clapton play on While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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Jack Bruce had George Harrison play on Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune

Clapton played more than his guitar, but thats a story for another thread.

I think that’s really him playing ukulele in the Bonzos’ “The Intro and the Outro,” too. My impression, anyway. (“Hi, Eric.”)

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