Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Deluxe Edition on iTunes today


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The other day, I read someone complaining that the Dolby 5.1 mix won’t be made available on vinyl. Imagine that technical challenge! Five channels of audio on an LP! That’s taking quadraphonic sound up to 11! Pentaphonical!


Still have the original LP I got from a garage sale in 1971, cost a $1 back then.


Well, no, Apple Music. But also Amazon, Spotify, and whatever other digital or physical stores you prefer.


Mono or stereo? Mono would truly be the original, it turns out.


Good question… I’ll take a look see.


I do not feel the original is missing anything.


I listened through it the other day. If you’ve already heard the alternate takes on “Anthology”, there’s no great revelations here, but the instrumental backing tracks are worthwhile – both the Within You Without You and She’s Leaving Home “take 1” tracks.



When I was 4, my godmother (one of those screaming girls at Cleveland Stadium) bought “Meet the Beatles” for me. A few years later, she won a copy of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” on the radio, and since she already owned a copy, she gave it to me. It had FREE punched in the upper right corner. I played it over and over and over And played with the paper dolls. The ephemera is long gone. 50 years later, I still love this album, and can sing along from start to finish.

I’m sure my Beatlemaniac son-in-law will share the alternate take stuff with us, but I don’t buy iTunes music since I found out it wasn’t able to be transferred to my old MP3 player without serious DRM breakage & weird conversion programs.


They haven’t added DRM to files purchased from the iTunes store since 2009. They are DRM-free AAC files and can be converted to mp3 files for older players with iTunes.


Has it been that long since I last purchased music?
(Checks) Yep.
Thanks for bringing me up to date!


This is great, except for where she says that hip hop was entirely built on disco samples… given that hip hop goes back to well before disco, that’s not entirely true.


I don’t entirely agree with the article, I just think it’s good food for thought.


Agreed. I just thought that particular point was factually wrong. I’m more inclined to agree that stuff white men like is considered serious art, while stuff women and especially teen girls like isn’t.


You are aware that you can buy music in the itunes store and then listen to it in whatever non-apple music playing app you prefer?

One huge benefit of buying video and ebook content in Itunes – if you use the correct (old) version of Itunes, there is a free tool (requiem) that will rip out the DRM without re-encoding and without any of this “record what’s playing on the screen to a new video file” nonsense. That cannot be said of any of the other major video stores out there that I am aware of.


I think her definition of hip hop might be a little too Millennial. The current generation of hip hop samples disco, but you’re right, there was hip hop even before disco.

She should listen to Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. Her mind will be blown.


Sure. But I think she might be going from songs like Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight as opposed to something like Soul Sonic Force’s Planet Rock. [quote=“LearnedCoward, post:18, topic:101892”]
She should listen to Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. Her mind will be blown.



You joke, but encoding Dolby Digital on an analog media is certainly doable - they did it with LaserDisc.