Listen to The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," a stunning unreleased version


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YouTube sez: “Video unavailable!”


Absolutely not going to happen.


It’s astonishing that after 50 years they’re still finding things that haven’t been released.


Can’t view the video in Canada. Again.


For those outside the U.S., I really recommend using a VPN to access this YouTube video (e.g., It is really worth the time and effort. This is truly an amazing rendition and I can’t wait to hear the rest of this new Super Deluxe Edition. Thanks for sharing.


That was cool. Not an improvement, but if it was an improvement, that would be a causality violation and who knows, Eric Clapton might suddenly appear or something.


I remember back in the 80’s before all the Beatles unreleased anthologies came out legit there were bootleg LPs with lots of outtakes, keyboard improvisations on “Strawberry Fields” etc. I’d heard there was a version of this song with harmonium, it sounds good but the final released version finally gave George the big hit he needed to prove Lennon/McCartney weren’t the only good songwriters in the band.


I occasionally try to come up with “Weird Al” style lyrics for songs…
I’ve been working on “While my cell phone gently beeps”.
Not ready for prime time yet.


I look at Facebook while we’re sitting and eating
While my cell phone gently beeps
I look at porn hub with one hand under the table
Still my cell phone gently beeps.


wow, love this gentle acoustic version so much. miss you, George.

(i can see why that lyric was discarded – good call, btw)


That first line is great. The second one, not so much,

How about:

I look at porn hub, a hand under the table

scans better.


A good reminder what a fantastic band the Beatles were.


I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure that Paul is playing a Hammond organ thru a Leslie, on the “Chorale” setting. A harmonium is nowhere near as smooth-sounding as what is on that recording. The final recording definitely had a Hammond on it.


Uh… “Within You Without You”?

Shots fired, as the kids say.


Still doesn’t work.


I couldn’t view it, but found another upload viewable outside the US:


Tunnelbear is great for a lot of things, but last time I checked Youtube’s geolockout is too clever to be fooled that way. (Perhaps it works in conjunction with an addon like Modify Headers; I haven’t looked into it much.)


It worked for me here in Canuckistan (as is, no addons or other tricks).


Weird. I’m in Canada, no dice.