The beautiful spiral ink drawings of Chan Hwee Chong



That’s hard to believe. Amazing.

I can’t tell if she has a great visual memory or if there is a second sheet of paper under the one she is drawing on that has an outline of the image on it to guide her. Very nice work in any case. The way that the lines vary in thicknesses and proximity to each other to create lighter and darker areas reminds my of old-time woodblock prints or engravings.

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I love the Moiré patterns that shift as I scroll these digitized images down the computer screen… Beautiful work!

It seems, from the video, that the artist nails it in a single, unbroken line. Hard to tell with the time lapse, but that’s how it looks. Amazing work.

I’m lazy – I have my robot friend draw things like that for me:

If it’s not clear that it’s a spiral, go to the flickr group to see it larger (it’s near the bottom) -


This is the first one I was aware of:

It is hard to tell from the bottom but that copyright date is 1884.

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Yep, that one from 1884 is genuine and comes from this book:

Real Pen Work: Self Instructor in Penmanship

pdf here

Book and CD set ($24) available here.

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