The best affordable fan for cooling your home this hot summer: Vornado 660

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Just a word of warning, the Vornado has a critical weakness against helium balloons with ribbons attached. My kids scored a critical hit and dealt a killing blow by allowing the balloons to wander the house and wrap their death tentacles around the vornado blades and motor.


Why is the first photo of an outdoor A/C fan unit that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a Vornado fan?

If you have to ask then ye shall never know.


Discovered these years ago, and there is nothing else that does the job they do. They can turn over the air in a room just like a ceiling fan, or throw air 30ft or more from one room to another. During the summer we use them like duct work to move cool air from the room with a window AC to the adjacent rooms without. During the winter, set on low and left in the corner of a room with a high ceiling, it keeps the air well mixed so that all the warm air does not end up at the ceiling.

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I have a true vintage one, which my mom bought around 1946. It still works, but it can only run pointing upwards, as one of brackets holding the interior ring that’s being the blades is loose. But as long as I keep it oiled and don’t tilt it, it still is able to circulate the cold air near the floor up and around my bedroom.

Nooo… Beware of Fan Death

I have the Vornado 660; it’s amazing.

The first picture is not of the Vornado 660; it’s of the Vornado 633, which is substantially less powerful (my roommate has it)

Also, I haven’t tried it, but The Sweethome (affiliated with The Wirecutter; they’re both great) has a new pick for best fan, which they say is even more powerful than the Vornado 660, for much less: the Seville Classics UltraSlimLine 40" Tower Fan.

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" It has five buttons on the back panel representing power and up to four different speed settings. "

I run my fans on a timer. Are these mechanical switches, or electronic?

I miss a feature they had 15 years ago, where you could set the fan speed with a dial, so you could exactly choose how much noise and wind you wanted. So many 3 speed fans give you only inadequate, too much, way too much.

I have a cool Vornado fan table from the 50s and it still works great! Looks like this:


Would a triac regulator work?

A high-end option would be using a brushless motor and an adjustable ESC…

If it ever starts to wear out, use automobile motor oil on the bearings.

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Because dogs.

Interesting…: I was shopping for a fan two weeks ago. My two most important criteria are noise and price. After settling on a particular model, I realized that I could get a much quieter ceiling fan for exactly the same price. Done!


Hubby just upgraded our shitastic ceiling fans to some he got for $30 at Home Depot. They a) have one single nice light at the bottom rather than three bell shaped lights that cast funky shadows everywhere and b) sit much closer to the ceiling which makes the room look bigger. I know it’s a PITA to do work on the ceiling, but it has transformed the room by taking the ugly old fans out of them. The white blades just fade into the ceiling, too - though we discovered that we could have turned the old ones over because apparently they are all wood grain look on one side, white on the other. They’re not really powerful, but if you are ever looking for a cheap way to upgrade an old house, this is it.

Can they hurry up and sign TTIP so I we can get it in the UK easily please?

Also how is it sound wise? I bought a cheaper air circulator which I’m guessing isn’t as good as one of these but does really get air moving. However it is loud and if I’m using it on high power in my bedroom I need to use ear plugs. Even on low it’s too loud.

Unwise. Better to get somebody overseas to buy it and send it to you. Even with the overhead it will be cheaper in effect than the fallout of TTIP. Said friend can also repack it and label it as a gift or spare parts, so you can dodge the customs extortion.

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