A cheap room fan handily defeats a $650 Dyson

Originally published at: A cheap room fan handily defeats a $650 Dyson | Boing Boing

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“The most important thing you can do, if you use fans to keep air moving around your home, is to clean them occasionally. If you leave the fans full of dust they will blow dust around your home.”

This line makes no sense. you are always blowing dust around your house weather your fan is clean or not. The fact that there is dust stuck to your fan means that dust is not blowing around your house.


“It has tonnes of smart features” is a good enough reason to avoid buying it, even before realizing that it’s noisier and less blowy than the cheap Walmart alternative…


Much like all the dirt stays on the dog so you might as well let it in the house after rolling in mud.


But it’s got added Brexshit! Use it to blow your union jack gently in the barely there breeze!


Good to know, even though the Dyson’s high price point puts me off immediately.
Loud fans annoy me.

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I have a small Honeywell fan, one of these:


And the biggest downside is that the pivoting mechanism does not allow the fan to be angled down. The one i have cracked because my gf tried angling it downward not knowing it couldnt do that. Do Vornado fans have the same limitation? I like the fan but i do want to replace it because, like i mentioned, it’s cracked.


Not completely satisfying because there is just a single number measuring the loudness, rather than the sound energy as various frequencies. High-pitched vs. low-frequency sound can make quite a difference too.

Still, the end result was that the expensive fan blows and you can blow a lot of money on one.

I also wonder how long each will keep working.


You still don’t want dust to accumulate on the fan over time, the more dust is on it the more its actively blowing dust particles into a room which can be bad if anyone has allergies or has issues with asthma or breathing. I can’t say that i clean my fans on any regular kind of basis but cleaning it is still a good idea


I have several friends who rig up a few of these in their living (i.e. breathing) space during Austin’s notorious “Cedar Fever” season. Cheap, effective, keep replacing the filter even if it doesn’t look bad, run it 24/7. They tend to favor the black-label 3M Filtrete filter media for ultrafine particles.

I realize that locals, you and I already know full well what cedar fever season is and when, but FWIW:


I can’t speak to all of their models, but my particular Vornado fan allows for a very very slight (10 degrees at most) downward tilt.

Wish it was more, but thanks! I appreciate the info

Pretty sure my standing fans take a 45dwg downward tilt

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There are plenty of bad comparisons, incorrect explanations, and such in this video, but he probably still reaches the correct conclusion.

Windspeed is a bad measure of how good a fan is, it should be total volume of air displacement per second. A large 4 foot diameter industrial fan will me more effective moving air at the same speed as a 6 inch diameter desk fan.

While moving 10dB up the decibel scale is 10 times more power it is not 10 times louder, 10dB is perceptually about twice as loud. That is still a big difference, but not as much as he makes it sound like.

Lastly comparing a (overrated) name brand, top of (their) line, full featured fan with remote, HEPA filter, etc. to a no name, likely to break in a year or two cheapo Walmart fan on price is not even close to a fair comparison. If you don’t need a HEPA filter you definitely don’t want to pay for it, but if you do need it that $15 fan won’t help you at all.


I have ceiling fans in 4 rooms.

I also have a cheap walmart fan in my room for some extra horizontal air flow.

I really probably need an air conditioner 5-10 days a year when the relative humidity and temperature are both above 90.

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We don’t get “cedar fever” here in Maryland, but holy shit, the air filter rubber-banded to a box fan is genius!

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Buy a HEPA filter separately, like the video said.

And don’t enrich that world class arsehole snakke oil salesman egomaniac any more.


Came here to say exactly this. You could move air at high velocity with a 6" high speed fan. It wouldn’t be very satisfying as a fan.

This would have been apparent had he included video of the chieap fan at top speed, too. He chose not to for some reason.

I’m no Dyson apologist by any means (quite the opposite); but this was not a well-executed comparison.

You’d think a company that makes parts for nukes could get the downward tilt thing going on.

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