Dyson's hair dryer is tiny, quiet and pricey


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I expected a circular airblade that you wear around your neck like the neck ring of a spacesuit, blowing your hair back into dry submission.

I know better than to say I’m disappointed.


Well that’s more a disappointment in Dyson than it is in BoingBoing.


That hair dryer looks like it really blows…


Thank goodness! I have been searching for a truly expensive hair dryer, so the people who watch me getting ready in the morning will know I am a gentleman of means.


The “supersonic” hair dryer, that’s not actually supersonic. From the company that brought you the “digital” motor, a thing that doesn’t actually exist.


I’m putting that in a song.


I bet you can build a digital motor in Minecraft :smiley:


if this thing really is quiet, i would buy one for my girlfriend. the one she has sounds like a jet engine, and she’s constantly turning it on and off, which makes it even worse.


Not directed at you, i’m just taking the opportunity to think out loud, What exactly about this hair dryer is supersonic? And is this appliance harnessing the power of sonic booms to dry hair? Because that would be rad. Which reminds me of Stay Tuned…



Does it suck too though?


Assuming it’s one of the various things called “brushless DC motors”, “digital motor” is probably a better name– it’s an induction motor where instead of normal AC, the input signal is generated digitally from a DC supply, which allows for genuine advantages over more basic types of motor. Not that Dyson invented any of this, obvs.


I was just thinking that in movies when they show “The Future,” it’s usually really quiet. Like, an airlock will open with a soft “whoosh,” a train will glide into a station without all the motor sounds. I was thinking how great it would be if that really started coming to be a thing, because the motor noises annoy me. Way to go Dyson.

FYI, $400 for a high end styling product is not really that far out of the range of things these days.


And it’s only $19.95 in 1996 dollars.


I wonder if it, too, accelerates the distribution of harmful viruses

I take some satisfaction in the over-designed products from Dyson starting to get scrutinized closer


How many days will it be before the first man presents himself at A&E/ER having accidentally fallen onto the hair dryer while he just happened to have no clothes on?




If there’s one thing Dyson knows it’s sucking balls.


I do get how absurd Dyson’s stuff is… Seriously, THAT MUCH for a vacuum cleaner? …But, my girl is a hair dresser and she recently returned a hair dryer because it had design flaws that caused her a lot of pain. It was heavy, off balanced,(just like the Dyson video shows) and it had the switches in a weird spot that required her to either use two hands, or put it down to turn it on and off. She eventually bought a slightly lighter unit with the buttons in the correct spot for about $130.00. If this thing was $200, I’d probably pick it up for her. Nicely designed if you’re a professional and use it more than just to do your own hair in the morning.