Need a new fan this summer? Try a Vornado


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Unfortunately the minimum price for this on Amazon Japan is ¥9,999 listing at ¥16,470. At that price I’m going to stick with the ¥3,000 one I got 15 years ago.


I’ve used the round Vornado fans for years in the Film Biz because they are the only small “ducted fan” you can get for a reasonable price. They work like a spotlight for air movement rather than a floodlight and I could make something move on set without having everything else blowing around.
They also work great as room circulators if you aim them straight up.
The air flow hits the ceiling and then comes down the walls. The end effect is very gentle air movement everywhere with no apparent source.


I actually sleep with a fairly inefficient tower fan set to low, just for the white noise, but use it on high in the summers.

For some reason, the usual white noise generators don’t do the trick; maybe they don’t generate the right “depth” of sound?


I have one of these and it’s both quieter and better at the lowest speed than I expected. It’s also sometimes half that 60 dollar price. They make a larger VFan, which is similarly sometimes half as much as is listed today. I might get one of those too.

I want one of these, but don’t have a good place to put it.


I swear by these - also great for “throwing” AC from one room to another, if you are living with window units, a great way to move cool air around.


I’ve purchased generic versions of this fan at Home Depot and really like them. They’re small, quiet, and really move around air.


This is my favorite white noise recording. We ripped an mp3 of it and play it through an iHome dock with a nice bass range. It helped us survive some pretty bad colic, and my general noise sensitivity living in a shitty Brooklyn apt right off the train tracks. I’ve actually given the mp3 on a flash drive as a gift at a couple baby showers…


I would recommend installing a ceiling fan, preferably one that is able to switch directions forward and back. Most will have a switch on the base, this will enable you to run it clockwise or counterclockwise. If you run it in reverse it will pull air toward it and then circulate the air down the walls, it can make it more pleasant since it’s not blasting air straight at you during the night :slight_smile:


Why not make a bladeless one out of a drainpipe, a tin can, and a bucket?


I always want to get a Vornado, but my National Winder is still holding up.


whilst perusing the local thrift store a few years back, I grabbed an original Vornado, close but not identical to this model. There are some differences to this model. Mine has a three speed dial on the front, and the strangest looking fan blade I’ve ever seen (It sort of flows into a point inside the housing) On low speed, you can feel it 30 feet away.


I’m fairly sure you’ve never owned a Vornado.


Wow, that’s pretty cool!



I have a small Vornado on my desk at work. I had bought two, but loaned the other to a coworker who liked it so much that it became her going away present (seriously, when I said she could keep it, her eyes lit up like a kid promised a puppy). They are great if you have a lot of papers around that you don’t want to send flying, but need to get some air moving.


I have a vornado, i prefer having a ceiling fan though


Huh, I had no idea Vornado made tower fans… I have a bunch of the smaller ones, never thought to look.

Think I’ll give one of these a try, thanks.


How about a passive solution? You can get window films from most hardware stores that significantly reduces the amount of solar heat allowed through the window, and they are pretty easy to install. I put it on the west facing windows in my apartment, and it made a profound difference.



I’ve had a floor-standing version of this on a remote control dimmer for many years, running almost every day.