The best bittorrent apps

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How did Vuze/Azureus not make the cut? Vuze is a highly customizable and very mature product. (Its current UI can be busy/annoying, but if you stick with Classic Mode UI there’s no problem.) Why the snub? Torrentfreak holds no such grudges.


uTorrent lost any remaining goodwill I had for it around the point that it played a banner ad with sound. At about 2 AM. When my place was quiet. I just about fell out of my chair.

It was just kinda the straw the broke the camel’s back after months of rolling my eyes after dozens of ‘THESE ASIAN GIRLS DESPERATELY WANT A BOYFRIEND’ ads.


For me, it was when the ads started controlling the shape & location of uTorrent’s window.
I was willing to live with the ads when they stuck to the same shape & size, but I leave my screen organized the way do because I like it that way, goddammit, and finding that something has resized itself and moved while I wasn’t looking (or while I was, once, which was almost more infuriating) is just flat-out fucking unacceptable.
The sound thing must have come later: sounds pretty horrible.

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uTorrent later ran a Litecoin miner in the background…

I used Azureus in my old MacOS (10.2-10.4) days. It started working well, but every update seemed to use more system resources, and it started being far too sluggish for me to use. When I decided to try it again a year or so later, it was renamed “Vuze” and turned into some enormous bloatware thing. Apparently, the developers wanted to make it its own marketplace and media center, in addition to bittorrent client - and it still ran unusably slow for me.

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I would love to go back to rTorrent now that μTorrent allows MacKeeper to advertise, but for some reason I could never get it to seed/UL properly (It would seed, and occasionally upload, but overall it didn’t seem to be very findable by peers,) which is a problem if you’re using private trackers that use ratio as currency.

“The Best” should read “The most commonly used”.
uTorrent is bloated garbage and has been for at least four years.

It is interesting to see how many people have decided to write “the” open source version of uTorrent over the years, and yet it’s still not dead.
Personally I like Deluge, but I’m entirely ok with the setup it required, being able to run the daemon on one machine, and the gui on another is kinda cool.

you can disable the ads with a few changes to the settings (they’re hidden away so the average user would never find them):

Also make sure you disable the automatic update feature in uTorrent, if you have a stable version you’re happy with stick to it. I only upgraded last year after running a 2 year old version because it couldn’t handle the bandwidth from my new FTTC connection (all downloads would seize up after about a minute of downloading at over 5 MBps). Will stick to my current version until there’s some new bug I need to deal with.

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Guessing that you moved to qBittorrent. What a relief after uTorrent.

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